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Self Defense Classes for Female Traveler


10 x Your Safety in This Kick Ass Course and Travel Like a Boss!

We insure our cars, our pets and homes, but why don’t we put some insurance on ourselves? Life insurance is only valuable when your dead, so why not have something valuable when you’re alive? There’s nothing better then self-help. Learning self-defence may possibly save your life one day. You don’t know when you need it, but when the occasion arises you are prepared.

Craig Ma’har is very well known in the industry for his many years experience in the field, to be concrete, 36 years. In this course Craig will teach you directness, no messing around, awareness and effective self-defense techniques, based on Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.

That’s what this women self -defence course is all about.

In this course you learn to use simple and very effective techniques to overcome common attacks or to deal with unpleasant situations.  It’s not just about the emergency techniques you’ll get to learn, but also learn to prevent and avoid these very common scenarios where possible from happening. We think we can all agree that prevention is definitely a much better choice, if not your only one…

You don’t need to be an experience martial artist or a fitness freak to be able to learn the techniques from this course, however the bonus of this course is, it comes with basic exercise that will enhance your technique and get you fit at the same time. This course is suitable for people at all levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance learner, you will find this course very enjoyable to do.


In this course you’ll learn how to deal with people in your personal space, escaping unwanted

situations, dealing with grabs, strangles and much more!


Curriculum For This Course

1. Start Here

  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • What is Self-Defense? 
  • Introducing your Instructor Craig Ma’Har
  • Why Practice Self-Defense? 
  • When to Use Self-Defense
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Foundation of Weight Distribution
  • Benefits of Self-Defense – 1, 2 & 3
  • The Difference Between a Brawl and Self-Defense
  • Myths & Misconceptions of Self-Defense – 1 & 2

3. Get Physical

  • Warm Up
  • Equipment
  • Using the Right Amount of Force
  • Use of Excessive Force
  • Using Your Weight to Your Advantage
  • Body Positioning
  • Principles of Weight Shifting
  • Pain Points

6. Your Body

  • Confident Body Language
  • Natural Body Responses to Danger
  • Blocking Response
  • Freezing & Catatonic State
  • Using Arms to Create Distance
  • Why is repetition important?

8. Weapons

  • Why You Need an Instructor
  • Advanced Weapon Disarm Demonstration  
  • Stick Attack and Throw
  • Stick Attack With Knee Response
  • Knife Attack in Belly
  • Knife Attack to Neck
  • The Reality of Knife Fighting
  • Soldier Weapon Disarm
  • Disarm Gun 

9. Common Scenarios

  • Being Attacked on a Park Bench
  • Escape from Arm around Neck
  • Throw Attacker Over the Shoulder
  • Pass a Corner Safely – Blindspot
  • Cautiously Approaching Your Car
  • Taking a Taxi Safely
  • Moving Around Obstacles to Escape the Environment

11. Helpful Contacts 

  • Victim of Domestic Violence? Take Action Now
  • List of Helpful Contacts

2. Awareness & Prevention

  • What is Awareness?
  • Understand Your Environment
  • Remove Yourself From Situations
  • Awareness of Surroundings
  • Recognise a Dangerous Place
  • Areas to Avoid Part 1, 2 & 3
  • Scooter Scenarios: Handbag, Phone & Grabbing
  • Prevent a Handbag Snatch
  • Protect Your Mobile Phone

4. Personal Space

  • Personal Space Management
  • Personal Space by Measurement 
  • Personal Space at Work

5. Verbal Self-Defense

  • How to Peacefully Negotiate your Way Out
  • When Negotiating Isn’t an Option
  • Take Responsibility for Your Own Safety
  • The Danger of Online Dating

7. Physical Self-Defense

  • Defend Grab from Behind – Neck
  • Defend Grab from Behind – Body
  • Defend a Breast Grab 1 & 2
  • Defend Big Slap in Face
  • Defend Neck With Eye Jab
  • Knee Strikes – Groin
  • Knee Strikes – Weak Point in Hips
  • Attack From Behind with Both Arms
  • Choke Against The Wall
  • Hair Gran from The Side
  • Hair Grab from The Front
  • Hair Grab from Behind
  • Escape a Two-Hand Grab
  • Weak Points to Target – Elbow
  • Hit to the Throat
  • Groin Crush with Knee
  • Protect Yourself On The Ground
  • Pinned on the Ground
  • Push Kick
  • Fingers to Throat
  • Attack from Behind Mouth Covered

10. Protecting Your Children 

  • Protecting Your Children – Home Invasion  
  • Protecting Your Children – Playground
  • Protecting Your Children – Toilet

12. Words From The Team 

  • Why Girls Kick Ass – The Founders Full Story
  • Nicole’s Experience – The Change Behind The Camera
  • Thank you
  • Info On Our Self-Defense Retreat

I completed the online course because I travel solo all around the world and have found myself in places or situations where I feel vulnerable to my environment.

I consider myself confident and capable but at times you become hyper aware of your surroundings and I was left feeling especially insecure after being robbed while travelling.

The course has been an awesome tool to help me develop a mental checklist that I now use for managing my presence in all new situations as I travel. I now feel so much more in control and prepared for arriving in new places and handling myself. With that, I worry a whole lot less and am able to really enjoy myself without feeling intimidated.

Mandy Mcdermott Kennedy

Ecommerce Consultant, Dubai

Tina’s Girls Kick Ass course made me feel more comfortable and confident traveling on my own and thanks to her step-by-step advice and instructions, I have the tools to be aware of my surroundings, make smarter decisions and recognize when something doesn’t feel right.

This course is a must for women who thrive on independence and adventure and want the peace of mind of being able to protect themselves in dangerous situations!

Sarah Aboulhosn

Copy Writer

Girls Kick Ass really helped me becoming more aware: Aware of myself and my own body as well as aware of the surroundings!

It changed my whole mindset and raised my self-confidence. I want to learn more about it and already recommended the course to all the women in my family and my girlfriends, specially to my sister who will definitely benefit from it, I’m sure about it.

It will be fun to go through the course again with them.

Barbara Riedel

Travel Author, Barbaralicious

After a period of ignoring my real feelings; I realized emotional and physical abuse by my ex was influencing me more than I expected. When a friend told me about Girls Kick Ass, it made perfectly sense to me this was going to help me, because of the abuse I had lost self-esteem and didn’t feel safe anymore.

My ex had broken into my house on several occasions, waited hours in front of my house and checked my phone regularly without asking. Although all the things he did, I couldn’t get angry with him. I always stayed calm and asked him kindly to leave. I am a person that stays away from fights and walk away from situations before escalating.

Only one night it went different. My ex pushed me to the floor and hit me several times in my face and tried to choke me.  That night was an emotional rollercoaster. I had never thought that someone ever would hit me. My face was full of blood and one of my eyes got more colours than a rainbow counts. It was there and then I decided something like that would never happen again to me.

It took me 2 months to finally open the Girls Kick Ass course. I didn’t want to pity myself and said that I would be ok again. If you read this and you can resonate with it; don’t wait. Girls Kick Ass gave me technics that makes me feel stronger. It gave me the right skills of self-defence and confidence to know that in the future I am well prepared.

Craig Ma’Har gives this course. He explains that self-defence are technics to get out of physical situations, not to fight back. The course is easy to follow and the short instruction videos make it understandable. I did the course alone, but it is a great thing to do with friends. As you can practise the technics directly.

I travel to many places around the world and I feel a lot saver now. I got my self-confidence back and know better how to set boundaries.

Ruby Kramer Grayson

Team manager , Healthy Travellers

Who is this course for?

  • Suitable for any age

  • Solo traveller

  • Independent Business Women

  • Mothers & Daughters

  • No need to be super fit


✓ Protect Yourself

✓ Feel Less Anxious In Public

✓ Enhance Your Street Awareness

✓ Increase Your Self-Confidence

✓ Meet New People

✓ Find New Ways To Engage With Others

✓ Embrace a New Engaging Behavior

✓ Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

✓ Improve Your Focus

✓ Develop Self-Discipline & Fighter’s Reflex

✓ Bring Peace And Balance In Your Attitude

✓ Build & Secure Relationships

✓ Communicate Effectively 

✓ Make Healthy Choices in Life